Indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Oxygen is essential for a human body. We can live a few weeks without food, a few days without drinking, but without oxygen, we will not survive for longer than a few minutes. When oxygen levels fall, the entire organism starts to malfunction. Lack of oxygen impacts on our health. Optimum oxygen levels allow us to maintain our physical and mental health at the highest levels.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an effective method of supplying oxygen to all parts and cells of the human body. It positively impacts on our psychophysical wellbeing, improves appearance, regenerative power and efficiency of our bodies, and is an effective way to treat many disorders and ailments.


Bacteria causing Borreliosis die in a high oxygen environment. Treatments in the hyperbaric chamber are widely recommended, among others: in the USA, Canada, China, Australia and Japan as a supportive therapy for Lyme disease.

regenracja, wydolność, redukujący ból, obrzęki, zakwasy


cukrzyca, rany, owrzodzenia, powikłania cukrzycowe, stopa cukrzycowa

Sessions in hyperbaric chamber support the functioning of the healthy heart and improve functioning of patients suffering from heart-related disorders.


As a result of improved oxygenation of tissues, there is faster healing of various skin injuries as well as renewal and regeneration of epithelial tissues. Bacteria and harmful micro-organisms are controlled and the process of skin cell reproduction in a situation where its continuity is interrupted.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has a positive effect on treating disorders related to the peripheral and central nervous system, for example by repairing and creating new blood vessels in the brain.


Hyperbaric oxygen helps alleviate the pain, reduce inflammation and support the regeneration process of damaged tissues.

Lyme disease

Scientific research has proved the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the case of many diseases of the digestive system. The use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is becoming increasingly popular also in the treatment of allergy.



As a result of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the mood and general well-being improve. The metabolism of nerve cells, memory, the ability to concentrate improves, thus reducing the depression-induced ailments.

Depression and burnout syndrome

It has been observed that hyperbaric chambers stimulate improvement of cognitive abilities, communication skills and improve a cause and effect understanding.


Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is widely used in rejuvenation therapies. The oxygen reaches the dormant skin cells, stimulates them and aids creation of collagen and stem cells.

Orthopedics and rehabilitation


Anti - aging

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy prevents onset of diabetes. It also has excellent healing benefits in cases of slowly healing wounds, ulcers and skin lacerations.


Treatment of burns


The use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy inhibits the development of the disease process, regenerates joints and eliminates inflammation by increasing blood supply and nutrient flow to the inflammation, reducing swelling and reducing pain.

Thanks to the hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the burn wound area, there is a reduction of swelling and reduction of fluid loss by damaged vessels and improvement of the circulatory function reduces the risk of infection.

Providing hyperbaric oxygen to the body stimulates life processes, especially those related to metabolism, which significantly aids fat burning and accelerates the loss of excess body weight.

Hyperbaric oxygen increases the body’s efficiency and accelerated regeneration processes. Oxygen therapy is useful in treating injuries and as a way of reducing pain and swelling.

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